Shauna Hamilton


Shauna Hamilton gave a wonderful piano performance at Union Arts Council’s Open Membership meeting Monday, May 18th. She sang a variety of music, including a piece from The Sound of Music.

UAC meets every third Monday of the month at 4pm at the United Methodist Church in Farmerville for an Open Membership meeting, and everyone is invited to attend. Each month we feature a different artist. If you sing, dance, play an instrument, write, paint or do any art form, we’d love for you to share your art with us. Contact UAC at

Join us at our next Open Membership meeting Monday, June 15, 4pm. Artist TBA

Shauna Hamilton at UAC Membership Meeting

Singer-pianist Shauna Hamilton will present a musical program at the Union Arts Council membership meeting on Monday, May 18, at 4 p.m., in the fellowship hall of Farmerville United Methodist Church (on Anthony Street across street from U.P. High School). Members and wannabes are welcome!!!!

Shauna is a local piano teacher and choir director at Farmerville United Methodist Church. She and hubby Rev. Hank Hamilton came to Farmerville nearly a year ago, and have endeared themselves to the community. You will enjoy Shauna’s presentation Monday.


Membership Meeting in March

UAC_Houser  Barbara Houser presented “Chalk Painting” at the Union Arts Council’s March Open Membership meeting.

UAC_OpenMtg_Houser Attendees enjoyed the “Chalk Painting” presentation by UAC’s board member, Barbara Houser.

The UAC’s Open Membership meeting is the third Monday of each month. The next meeting is April 13th, 4pm. Linda Ward will present “ACEO’s, tiny art”. The membership meetings are open to anyone interested in the arts. The meeting takes place at the United Methodist Church in Farmerville.

Membership Meeting & Presentation

UAC held its first Open Membership meeting, with a hands-on presentation by artists Adam Lewis and Wren Rogillio. They presented “Fun with Plaster,” to demonstrate the possibilities for a children’s workshop. The SAC members in attendance enjoyed painting small plaster shapes.

Our next Open Membership meeting is Monday, March 16th, 4pm, at the United Methodist Church, Farmerville. The meeting is very informal, and we will have an artist/presenter. We welcome anyone interested in furthering the arts in Union parish.


(left to right) Linda Ward, Adam Lewis, Wren Rogillio, Joyce Grier

UAC meeting, Feb 16, 2015, Betty Kennedy Betty Kennedy, new UAC member and artist, works on painting a small plaster animal shape.


The finished painted shapes!

Please Join us at our Membership Meeting!

Anyone and everyone interested in the arts is welcome to attend the Union Arts Council’s Membership Meeting on Monday, February16th, 4pm, at the United Methodist Church in Farmerville. Our current plans are to have a monthly membership meeting, with special guest presenters.

Our presenters at the Membership Meeting are Adam Lewis and Wren Rogillo. Adam is a musician and Wren is a photographer.

UAC’s 3rd Annual Competitive Art Exhibition

The winners of Union Arts Council’s 3rd Annual Competitive Art Exhibition:

Best of Show                     Adina Miller, “Austin”, portrait on porcelain

People’s Choice                Chabaket Simpson, painting of lakeside cabin

Folk Art

1st place               Adina Miller, “Rose of Sharon”, painting on porcelain

2-D Fine Arts – Amateur

1st                           Richard Lowery, “Herons in Fog” photo

2nd                          Marie Fitzgerald, “Magnolia” painting

3rd                           Barbara Houser, “Water Lotus Flower,” watercolor

Honorable Mentions      Gene Barron, Richard Lowery

2-D Fine Arts – Professional

1st                           Melanie Douthit, “Poppy Mist”

2nd                          Charlene Vail, “Granny’s Trunk”

3rd                           Joyce Beauvais, “Louisiana Saturday Night”

Honorable Mentions      Ophelia Autrey, Chabaket Simpson, Charlene Vail, Melanie Douthit

3-D Fine Art – Amateur

1st                           Jonathan Beckler, “Exposed Root”, wood sculpture

2nd                          Jonathan Beckler, “Viking Bowl”,, wood sculpture

3rd                           Jonathan Beckler, “Desert Formation”, wood sculpture

3-D Fine Art – Professional

1st                           Audie Maxey, “Walnut Hollow Form,” wood sculpture

2nd                          Audie Maxey, “Hickory Bowl,”  wood sculpture

3rd                           Audie Maxey, “Sycamore Vase,” wood sculpture


1st                           Skylar Read

2nd                          Raven Hendrix

3rd                           Sarah Patterson