UAC’s 3rd Annual Competitive Art Exhibition

The winners of Union Arts Council’s 3rd Annual Competitive Art Exhibition:

Best of Show                     Adina Miller, “Austin”, portrait on porcelain

People’s Choice                Chabaket Simpson, painting of lakeside cabin

Folk Art

1st place               Adina Miller, “Rose of Sharon”, painting on porcelain

2-D Fine Arts – Amateur

1st                           Richard Lowery, “Herons in Fog” photo

2nd                          Marie Fitzgerald, “Magnolia” painting

3rd                           Barbara Houser, “Water Lotus Flower,” watercolor

Honorable Mentions      Gene Barron, Richard Lowery

2-D Fine Arts – Professional

1st                           Melanie Douthit, “Poppy Mist”

2nd                          Charlene Vail, “Granny’s Trunk”

3rd                           Joyce Beauvais, “Louisiana Saturday Night”

Honorable Mentions      Ophelia Autrey, Chabaket Simpson, Charlene Vail, Melanie Douthit

3-D Fine Art – Amateur

1st                           Jonathan Beckler, “Exposed Root”, wood sculpture

2nd                          Jonathan Beckler, “Viking Bowl”,, wood sculpture

3rd                           Jonathan Beckler, “Desert Formation”, wood sculpture

3-D Fine Art – Professional

1st                           Audie Maxey, “Walnut Hollow Form,” wood sculpture

2nd                          Audie Maxey, “Hickory Bowl,”  wood sculpture

3rd                           Audie Maxey, “Sycamore Vase,” wood sculpture


1st                           Skylar Read

2nd                          Raven Hendrix

3rd                           Sarah Patterson


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