Shauna Hamilton


Shauna Hamilton gave a wonderful piano performance at Union Arts Council’s Open Membership meeting Monday, May 18th. She sang a variety of music, including a piece from The Sound of Music.

UAC meets every third Monday of the month at 4pm at the United Methodist Church in Farmerville for an Open Membership meeting, and everyone is invited to attend. Each month we feature a different artist. If you sing, dance, play an instrument, write, paint or do any art form, we’d love for you to share your art with us. Contact UAC at

Join us at our next Open Membership meeting Monday, June 15, 4pm. Artist TBA


Membership Meeting in March

UAC_Houser  Barbara Houser presented “Chalk Painting” at the Union Arts Council’s March Open Membership meeting.

UAC_OpenMtg_Houser Attendees enjoyed the “Chalk Painting” presentation by UAC’s board member, Barbara Houser.

The UAC’s Open Membership meeting is the third Monday of each month. The next meeting is April 13th, 4pm. Linda Ward will present “ACEO’s, tiny art”. The membership meetings are open to anyone interested in the arts. The meeting takes place at the United Methodist Church in Farmerville.

Membership Meeting & Presentation

UAC held its first Open Membership meeting, with a hands-on presentation by artists Adam Lewis and Wren Rogillio. They presented “Fun with Plaster,” to demonstrate the possibilities for a children’s workshop. The SAC members in attendance enjoyed painting small plaster shapes.

Our next Open Membership meeting is Monday, March 16th, 4pm, at the United Methodist Church, Farmerville. The meeting is very informal, and we will have an artist/presenter. We welcome anyone interested in furthering the arts in Union parish.


(left to right) Linda Ward, Adam Lewis, Wren Rogillio, Joyce Grier

UAC meeting, Feb 16, 2015, Betty Kennedy Betty Kennedy, new UAC member and artist, works on painting a small plaster animal shape.


The finished painted shapes!

Please Join us at our Membership Meeting!

Anyone and everyone interested in the arts is welcome to attend the Union Arts Council’s Membership Meeting on Monday, February16th, 4pm, at the United Methodist Church in Farmerville. Our current plans are to have a monthly membership meeting, with special guest presenters.

Our presenters at the Membership Meeting are Adam Lewis and Wren Rogillo. Adam is a musician and Wren is a photographer.

WANTED: Imagineers!

Imagine more arts experiencesCan you imagine more arts experiences in Union Parish?  Would you like to help make that happen?  If so, the Union Arts Council invites you to come to its next meeting on Thursday, June 19, at 3:45 p.m. at First National Bank in Farmerville (next to Big Star on E. Water St.)  We will kick off the new fiscal year by setting plans to support the visual and performing arts in Union Parish.   No artistic talent is required!  Just a passion for bringing exciting, entertaining, and educational arts events for adults and youth.

Our goal is to raise the level of arts experiences here where we live.  Will you come and join our merry band of imagineers?

For further information, call 817-907-1571 or 237-2134.

Arts Council seeks members Aug. 8

Arts Council seeks members Aug. 8

The Union Arts Council will hold a “Meet and Greet” member recruitment luncheon on Thursday, August 8, at Sevin’s Restaurant in Farmerville, beginning at 12 noon. Anyone interested in joining the organization is invited to attend the event which kicks off the new fiscal year. Lunch will be “Dutch treat.” UAC’s mission is to support and promote visual and performing arts locally, and to build a culture of arts appreciation. For more information, call 318-348-2005 or 318-237-2134.
Annual member dues are $10 for individuals and $25 for businesses. Come let us tell you what UAC has done this past year and what is planned for fy 2013-14. We can only accomplish our goals with the help of volunteers who enjoy the arts would like to share that joy with others through art shows, musical performances, youth programs, drawing classes, music and art workshops, and more. We work in conjunction with other organizations including Union Parish Library, local schools, Bernice Historical Society, and Union Museum of History and Art (opening soon).